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140 box art cover
By avatar Squall234 44 on December 13th, 2018

#1 (Steam Library)

Long time no see, eh? I have a goal for these upcoming years, and that is to make a physical library from my steam account. Now, I have about 480 games so the idea is to finish playing the game and then make a physical cover for my bookshelf.

Yes, I am insane but I feel this would be a fun project to work on for a resume. I'm going in order from alphabetical order, so enjoy? Comments are always welcomed. If you use my printable, please provide credit.

Template: Me
Case: Higashi89

"140" 3.5/5 - (Fun little distraction for the amount of money you spend. Worth a play).

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Wolfenstein The Old 39 [ 4 years ago ]

not bad,,

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Vince_1990 47 [ 4 years ago ]

Looks awesome, well done

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