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SimCity box art cover
By avatar dragontamer272 1 on September 12th, 2015
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This is my first-ever Custom SNES Box Art Cover that in which can be used for Universal Game Cases. This Game Cases is of one of my favorite Super Nintendo games of all time... SimCity.

For the Front Cover, I used a Photo of my old hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. Made it to look like as a "What if the city of Downtown Indianapolis was the cover for SimCity?"

The Back Cover features Dr. Wright and 4 Screenshots of the game itself, and this is my writing for the game's details and features.

SimCity SNES & Dr. Wright (c) Nintendo
SimCity (c) EA - originally Maxis
Indianapolis, IN photo found via Google
Custom Case created by me

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Ultimate SSJ 13 [ 6 years ago ]

Not too bad, but a little simplistic. but hey, its snes, the boxes are usually simplistic like this. Try to add a presentation feel to the box rather than just putting it like this: Maybe do a 3d view using the perspective tool in photoshop, or in gimp if you use that. Not bad man.

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