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Final Fantasy XII box art cover
By avatar Weather 6 on September 14th, 2014
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Not my first time posting a box here, but the first box on this account (Not using the old account anymore, starting fresh).
So i've got no inspiration to come up with games to do boxart for, so i've asked some friends for their favourite games and i'm going to try to do covers for all the ones they suggested.
First was FF12, it turned out alright but still felt different from what i originally envisioned. I'm not a fan of working with FF boxes because they always end up with me using the classic white background, but oh well.

template was made using:
Synthesis - simple ps2 template
Pleiades - playstation 3 temnplate

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aldimon 22 [ 7 years ago ]

Hey! I just saw nobody commented on your box. That's sad, so I'm gonna do it.

The front is really nice, it's a typical Final Fantasy style box. Then again, it's pretty plain, I like it though.

The problem with fronts like this ones is that it is hard to see how much effort you put into it. It has style, but it has not enough ... let's call it 'unique-ness'. Do you get what I mean :P ?

The back looks a bit thrown together. The screenshots could have been implemented in a better way. I like the tagline.

You should give credits for the Template ;)

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Weather 6 [ 7 years ago ]

Thanks for commenting.
I had a heap of fronts that i was playing around with but i ended up with this one after not liking the way the others were looking, but i know what you mean when you talk about lacking unique-ness.
I also hate doing backs in general ahaha.

The template is a custom one using different ones mashed together, but i'll add in the names of the creators of the originals.

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aldimon 22 [ 7 years ago ]


Yeah, Final Fantasy is pretty hard to to, TBH. I tried a couple of FF boxes and I've failed on all of them :P

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Pharaoh 37 [ 7 years ago ]

As with the earlier comment you've got something great going. I clicked on this cuz i liked the front. However, the back disappointed me. A better template would have better suited this box as well as a different layout to give it more life. Also the faded white-ness kinda puts me off the box.

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FrankBedbroken 46 [ 7 years ago ]

Oh man, that front's great! Sadly, that back (as Pharaoh said) brings it down. I really don't like the way how the text goes over Vaan, and how it's organized over all, text and screenshots. It's still a solid box, but could be improved vastly with a better back.

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