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Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up box art cover
By avatar kingjordzzgraphics85 19 on February 7th, 2014
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100% (unofficial) ''Machine Gun Kelly - Lace Up'' Music Album Box Art Cover // an exclusive fan-made graphics design #KingJordzzGraphics ™® 2014

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Martiniii332 49 [ 9 years ago ]

I'm sorry, but it's not that good. Bad image quality and distorted images and weird colors... I'd work more on that.

Also, why did you tag "Eminem" instead of MGK?

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kingjordzzgraphics85 19 [ 9 years ago ]

ok if thats ur opinion then fair enough :) personally if i seen this exact post from someone else id be quite impressed. . . . i suppose thats were the difference of opinion lies - id be the first to admit that not all my posts are of the 'greatest' quality but this isnt one them - thanks for the feedback tho friend. . . id rather honest comments from fellow designers like yours, instead of insults that ive recieved in the past from other ppl on ere

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