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Conker Live and Reloaded box art cover
By avatar nyan 8 on February 8th, 2013

Basically I converted the original N64 cover into an xbox case.
The cover is for xbox remake conker live and reloaded.
I bought this game from ebay a few days ago which inspired me to make it.

Original (N64) : link
Original (xbox):

Please, tell me what you think, Give feedback. And feel free to print it out and use it (if you have the game of course)

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Carlj1497 44 [ 9 years ago ]

It looks pretty good. I love this game. I also like how you used a Live and Reloaded conker render for the front. A few things though. First, I don't think the "Parental Advisory" and "Explicit Humor" boxes need to be there. Maybe the latter, but not the former. The logo on the spine looks kinda stretched horizontally, while the logo on the back looks stretched vertically. Other than that, it's great.

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nyan 8 [ 9 years ago ]

Hi, thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated.
The "Parental Advisory" and "Explicit Humor" boxes were on the bad fur day N64 cover, in which this box was based of.
Also, I will try to fix the logo stretching, I'm not sure how I let that go unnoticed.

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