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Sonic Generations box art cover
By avatar Sir Tobbii 35 on May 6th, 2011
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Luigi53 31 [ 1 decade ago ]

Now I have to say, this isnt bad at all, and you did amazing on the collectors edition part, I just don't get the background.

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Sir Tobbii 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

What is it you don't get? The background behind the Sonics or the stuff about what's in the CE?

The BG behind Sonic is a recreation of Green Hill Zone's background with mountains and water, the waterfall isn't seen though as it's behind Sonic.

The CE stuff I just wrote there because, hey, I can dream right? :P

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darth_mallen 7 [ 1 decade ago ]

this is great. great design, awesome concept. fav

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