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Club Penguin box art cover
By avatar Ghoul 56 15 on February 26th, 2009
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Ghoul 56 15 [ 1 decade ago ]

Spent alot of time on this one :)
Again, I'm quite proud of it!
Made screens myself this time...
Only the template and the logo aren't mine.
Credit to my friend Glesto for the first penguin on the front.
Please comment ^^

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KOSMOSinusa 1 [ 1 decade ago ]


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nothing94 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

I dont like it, it doesnt look official, the back is too simple, dont like how you placed the screenshots, nice front anyway, all in all its 4.5/10

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nicksnut 3 [ 1 decade ago ]

#3, i don't completely disagree, but i don't completely agree with you as well.
i like the box, but you're right about the back, it's a bit boring..
but, ghoul, you did listen to my advice at your last box
overall, a véry good job!

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Silent Oblivion 45 [ 1 decade ago ]

Isn't this intended for 6 year olds?!
My 6 year old niece plays this with her friends.

As for the box, its meh.

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